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Lumo-Monisha Perkash

Lumo Body

November 22, 2014  |    |  

The vision of Lumo’s founding team is to give the body a voice. While most wearable companies are developing wrist-mounted sensors to try to measure/detect activities throughout the body, Lumo’s sensors can be deployed anywhere on the body to measure fine-grained motions and activities and give people immediate feedback to improve, whether that’s posture, or running, or golf swing, or whatever. “The name Lumo was taken from ‘illuminate,’ which speaks to the company’s goals to increase awareness of our bodies so that we can live healthier, more productive lives,” said CEO Monisha Perkash. “We chose Madrona because of their hands-on approach to helping startups. The multi-talented folks at Madrona take a sincere interest in our success and are highly accessible – we view them as part of the Lumo team!

Paul Goodrich and Scott Jacobson