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Hakon Verespej

Growth Hacker

Hakon came to Madrona as an entrepreneur in late 2012 and ended up becoming a member of our value-added-services team. At Madrona, he works with portfolio companies to help them build their teams, focusing primarily on technical talent.

The lure of data and analytics

“Although I didn’t recognize the pattern until recently, most of my past work has revolved around leveraging data to manage systems intelligently, make good business decisions, and enrich users’ experiences. The availability of data and the ability to store and manage it is growing at a phenomenal rate. New algorithms and systems for doing complex analysis on that data at high speed to derive meaning from it are emerging and evolving just as quickly. The world will look completely different in two years, largely because this space will enable us to measure, process, and understand the world around (and within) us to a degree we never imagined.”


Aligned with Madrona’s community focus, Hakon is heavily involved in Seattle’s entrepreneurial and tech communities. He frequently organizes events to facilitate learning, sharing of experiences, and strengthening of connections. He’s often found organizing or participating in hackathons, where his passion for technology and startups intertwine.

Prior lives

Hakon began his career as a software engineer at a network security startup in San Diego called Akonix Systems. He later joined Microsoft to be part of the team that incubated Windows Azure. After Azure became a formal product group within Microsoft, he moved on to another incubation project in Xbox.


Hakon holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego.

“I still love programming and I sometimes do it when I should be focusing on other things. I’m a builder by nature and that’ll probably never change.”