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Robin Andrulevich

Director of Talent
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 “There are many talented entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest who deserve support and bespoke services from the investment community in order to build their dream. At Madrona, we are focused on making a holistic investment in each entrepreneur and portfolio company and delivering the support they need to be successful.”

Today: As the director of talent, Robin works closely with Madrona and its portfolio companies to manage talent needs ranging from recruiting and talent acquisition to providing HR-related strategic support.

Past Lives: Robin has over twenty years of experience managing human resources and talent management at many high growth companies across media, publishing, ecommerce, hi-tech and Internet industries. Prior to working with Madrona, Robin provided human resources and organizational consulting to many early start-ups. She also led worldwide human resources for all non-fulfillment business functions, HR services and organizational development in several senior roles while at Amazon.com.

“What attracted me to Madrona was the opportunity to make an impact on the start up ecosystem in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Incredible technology companies have been built here, and from these companies we are seeing entrepreneurs who aspire to be the next Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. It is energizing to be able to apply my experience to help big thinking entrepreneurs build something that will change the way we do business or the way we live. It is equally important to provide such expertise by matching the same hi-octane energy and passion that entrepreneurs demonstrate each day. ”

Education: Robin earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science from University of Connecticut and a bachelor’s in English and Comparative Literature from Barnard.

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