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Anu Sharma


Anu joined Madrona in 2020. Anu partners with founders who build products that customers love. She has an interest in cloud computing, machine learning and intelligent applications, and financial services. Anu’s combination of product management and entrepreneurship is a deep resource in working with entrepreneurs as they build their company.

Past Lives

Anu is an experienced product leader with over a decade of experience in cloud computing and digital commerce. Prior to joining Madrona, Anu led product management teams in Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for Amazon Web Services. She led the growth of the EC2 Spot Instances business by 5x and the Accelerated Compute Instances business by 10x. Anu also led the development and launch of AWS Outposts, bringing AWS infrastructure and services to on-premises locations for the first time. Anu started her career as a software developer at Oracle, founded and led a startup, and also held product and marketing positions at Amazon Payments and Flipkart.


A few games of squash are enough to brighten up a rainy Seattle day for Anu, though she’d easily settle for watching Djokovic play Federer. She collects books faster than she can read them (a pet peeve), and when she’s not bringing out the ‘crazy’ in her friends and family, she’s usually cooking a hearty meal for them.