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AI and Generative AI are changing the world. This is our thesis on AI — how we think it will evolve, how it will shift the entire industry, and how to position you and your company to be a winner, no matter where you play. Based on over ten years of investing in AI and helping founders and their teams build their ideas into lasting companies, we map out the markets, offer our POV on the opportunities ahead, and talk to the founders who are building now.

Market Maps

The Generative AI Stack: Making the Future Happen Faster
A Wave of Personal Agents is Coming
Our View on the Foundation Model Stack

More Insights

The Question Every CEO is Asking: What is Our Generative AI Strategy?
The Android Moment of AI: Open Source Models are Just Getting Started
Foundation Models: How Startups Win With Generative AI
Game On in the Generative AI Stack
Snowflake vs. Databricks: Two Cloud Giants Battling in the AI Domain
Data Boundaries are Blurring in a Multi-Cloud World

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Voices at the Forefront

In our podcast, Founded & Funded, we explore generative AI with founders, thought leaders, experts, and Madrona investors.

Chroma’s Jeff Huber on Vector Databases and Getting AI into Production
Cohere’s Ivan Zhang on Foundation Models, Retrieval-Augmented Generation, and Feedback Loops
Data Visionary Bob Muglia on Data, AI, and New Book — ‘The Datapreneurs’
Typeface Founder Abhay Parasnis on Shaping Enterprise GenAI Strategy
GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke on Generative AI-powered Developer Experiences
Airtable CEO Howie Liu on Product-Led Growth, Combining AI with No-Code UX

We invest in people and ideas —
for the long run.

We are active, full-stack partners who roll up our sleeves to help founders turn ideas that are conceptual into businesses that are exceptional. If you are a founder building applications, models, tooling, or something else in the space of generative AI/foundation models, we’d love to chat.

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