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We are excited to share more about why we led A-Alpha Bio’s Series A round announced today and to congratulate David, Randolph and their team on their vision and progress to date.  A-Alpha is a platform life sciences company unlocking the opportunities to understand and leverage Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) for drug discovery.  They are building… LEARN MORE >

AUTHOR: John Torrey | August 12, 2021

I am excited to announce that Madrona Venture Group has joined the $130 million Series B round for TaxBit.  TaxBit is our newest investment in an area we helped define – Intelligent Applications. Intelligent Apps combine data and machine learning to provide real-time, actionable insight into business and consumer applications – and we believe Intelligent… LEARN MORE >

August 5, 2021

This month is the 26th (25+1) anniversary of Madrona’s founding which presents a timely opportunity to look back at the past and reflect on our firm’s journey but also to look forward to the future and contemplate what lies ahead for the broader innovation ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest. One  question we frequently ask ourselves… LEARN MORE >

AUTHOR: S. Somasegar | August 5, 2021

Scores of data tools capture historical product usage metrics but there is nothing in the market today that enables you to build for the future. Today, we are excited to announce our investment and partnership with Vijaye Raji and the Statsig team that promises to revolutionize product development. I first met Vijaye when we worked… LEARN MORE >

AUTHOR: Matt McIlwain | July 28, 2021

At a series of events in the summer of 2014, I gave a presentation on how the era of “big data” would give way to the era of “dataware”.  Audiences were more skeptical than inspired by the presentation, but at the time the idea of software becoming dataware or data silos being transformed into intelligent… LEARN MORE >

AUTHORS: Hope Cochran and Elisa La Cava | July 20, 2021

At Madrona, we have been paying close attention to the changes many companies have experienced over the past year when it comes to their workforce. From the immediate and monumental coronavirus-induced shift to virtual-first ways of doing work in March 2020 to today, we are currently in the middle of a reckoning and resetting of… LEARN MORE >

June 18, 2021

If you’re an early stage founder, fundraising pitches are one of the highest leverage conversations you can have in your entrepreneurial journey. This stressful process can be less stressful if you know what investors look for in a pitch deck.  This guide is tuned for venture investors but can be a good framework for angel… LEARN MORE >




In this episode of Founded and Funded, Madrona Partner, Chris Picardo, sits down with Dr. Ali Ansary, founder & CEO of Ozette. Chris and Ali talk about Ozette’s mission to uncover hidden… LEARN MORE >


Are you a founder or would-be founder? Madrona Investor, Ishani Ummat, sits down with Shirish Nadkarni, serial entrepreneur, now angel investor and author of FROM… LEARN MORE >


Starting a company is a lonely business. Finding co-founders can be the solution to this – but what if you don’t know anyone who fits the bill?  Linda Lian of Common Room… LEARN MORE >


In this week’s episode, investor Matt McIlwain speaks with CEO of Accolade, Raj Singh.  Raj & Steve Singh (now a Madrona investor)  along with Mike Hilton started Concur in… LEARN MORE >


In this episode of Founded and Funded, Anu Sharma continues her deep dive into commercial open source projects and talks to Jeremiah Lowin, the founder and CEO of LEARN MORE >