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AUTHOR: Shannon Anderson | August 5, 2022

Coming up with transformative ideas and picking big markets is the first job of a founder, but the key ingredient for any durable company is exceptional people. World-class founders build world-class teams, but as any first-time founder will tell you, hiring is the most misunderstood input into a company. At Madrona, we recognize that great… LEARN MORE >

MLOps: Emerging Trends in Data, Code and Infrastructure
AUTHORS: Tim Porter and Jon Turow | June 28, 2022

Madrona partnered with AWS on a white paper to examine MLOps — what it is and what is changing. The AI Fund and Sequoia also contributed to the piece. Read on for Tim Porter and Jon Turow’s investment thesis around MLOps, which also highlights portfolio companies WhyLabs and OctoML. What is your investment thesis for… LEARN MORE >

Distributed workforce
AUTHOR: Hope Cochran | June 21, 2022

In May, Madrona hosted our annual CFO Summit that brings together private and public CFOs and financial professionals to share learnings and discuss business strategy and tactics. During the event, Bungie CFO Danielle Porter and Qumulo CFO Matt Frey hosted a breakout session called “Next Normal: Building a Thriving Digital Workforce,” to help others better… LEARN MORE >

Madrona sees possibilities in the world of Web3
AUTHORS: Maria Gilfoyle and Chris Picardo | June 17, 2022

Madrona has always been focused on ambitious entrepreneurs aggressively pushing their industries forward. Throughout the course of our history, we have seen and backed new tech solutions in nascent categories – from on-prem to cloud to SaaS to the emergence of intelligent applications – that have led to brand new categories and massive markets. With… LEARN MORE >

Madrona Investor Palak Goel
AUTHORS: Tim Porter and Ishani Ummat | June 16, 2022

We are so excited to welcome the newest addition to our investing team, Palak Goel!   Palak is a unique combination of authentically curious, passionate, and knowledgeable about technology, and he is an analytical thinker – all critical traits in our industry!   A Bay Area native with a dual CS and Economics concentration from… LEARN MORE >

Angel Investors
AUTHORS: S. Somasegar and Maria Gilfoyle | June 7, 2022

Angel investors are the bedrock of the startup universe. They are local and provide not just dollars but, even more importantly, business advice to founders and access to their networks. Angels are usually the first non-family money into a company and are incredibly important in connecting a founder to the next round of funding. As… LEARN MORE >

May 31, 2022

We polled the founders of five companies from our inaugural Intelligent Application 40 list to bring together some of the best advice they have from hard lessons they’ve learned throughout their journey or the best advice they received during that time. When setting out to found a company, advice is never hard to come by…. LEARN MORE >




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