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2nd Watch - Madrona Venture Group

2nd Watch

2nd Watch is a global leader in building, deploying and managing Amazon Web Services based IT operations for enterprise customers.

A-Alpha Bio

A synthetic biology-based platform that characterizes protein interactions for drug discovery. See open job listings here.

Accolade - Madrona Venture Group


Accolade is an on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, health plans and health systems. Accolade customers experience industry-leading engagement levels, satisfaction scores unseen in healthcare, better health outcomes, and cost savings of 5-15 percent.

Accolade went public in July 2020 (NASDAQ: ACCD).


Algorithmia’s AI Layer manages the machine learning lifecycle and automates the deployment of machine learning models at scale.

Acquired by Datarobot in 2021.

A business and goal management software  platform with roots in the OKR (objectives and key results) goal alignment framework that is transforming businesses and employees’ work lives.

Acquired by Microsoft in 2021.

Amazon - Madrona Venture Group


A  Fortune 500 company, based in Seattle, seeks to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.

Amazon went public in May 1997 (NASDAQ: AMZN).


Amperity is an early-stage company focused on enabling large B2C brands to create and maintain a unified view of customers and prospects, and orchestrate channels to deliver personalized marketing.


The founders of Animoto Productions™ share a passion for helping people share their stories and express themselves through online media by innovating technologies in the field of video production.


A platform that is designed to detect irregularities in medical bills through an AI-driven process.

Madrona Venture Group - AnsweriQ


AnsweriQ is applying AI to the challenge of customer support ticket routing and helps human customer support agents answer questions faster.

Acquired by Freshworks in 2020.

Appature - Madrona Venture Group


Appature was a relationship management software designed for the healthcare industry.

Acquired by IMS Health in 2013.

Appfog - Madrona Venture Group


AppFog was the leading polyglot and infrastructure agnostic Platform-as-a-Service provider.

Acquired by Savvis, a CenturyLink company, 2013.

Apptio - Madrona Venture Group


Apptio builds advanced data and analytics applications for Technology Business Management.

Acquired by Vista in 2018.


A game for developers that makes coding into an eSport.

Bizible - Madrona Venture Group


Bizible is a B2B marketing attribution solution that enables hundreds of companies to measure marketing on the basis of revenue. 

Acquired by Marketo in 2018.

Bocada - Madrona Venture Group


Offers solutions to help ensure data recoverability by providing management and comprehensive analysis of data protection operations.

Acquired by private strategic purchaser in 2016.


Booster Fuels delivers competitively priced gas to your car while you work.

Branch - Madrona Venture Group


Branch is the leader in deep linking increasing mobile conversion, customer retention, and engagement. Branch is used by top brands such as Pinterest, Redfin and Hotel Tonight to make app content more easily shared and discovered.

Buuteeq - Madrona Venture Group


Buuteeq powered hotel marketing.

Acquired by in 2014.

Cedexis - Madrona Venture Group


Acquired by Citrix in 2018.

Chatitive - Madrona Venture Group


Chatitive provides intelligent messaging experiences for businesses.

Acquired by Mailchimp in Jan 2021.


Clari is an AI-powered revenue operations platform used by hundreds of public and private companies.

Madrona Venture Group - Cloudcoreo


A next generation cloud management platform that enables DevOps and SecOps teams to scale efficiently within and across cloud providers.

Acquired by VMWare in 2018.


A leading provider of win/loss solutions for business-to-business customers.


Coda is reimagining productivity software by creating a single canvas that brings together the best of documents, spreadsheets, databases and applications.

Madrona Venture Group - College Pulse

College Pulse

Online survey research and data analytics company dedicated to understanding today’s college students.


Software and services that power competitive pricing and assortment decisions for next-generation retailers. Their customers include the fastest growing IR50 e-commerce and multi-channel retailers. Through dynamic pricing and assortment planning and expansion, they have driven millions in revenues and margins.

Common Room

The customer journey platform for community-driven organizations.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow enables independent farmers and producers in the U.S. beef industry to sell to consumers directly online through the Crowd Cow platform.

Datacoral - Madrona Venture Group


DataCoral provides a fully managed, cloud-native end-to-end data infrastructure as-a-service solution to data driven enterprises.

Acquired by Cloudera in 2021.

Decide - Madrona Venture Group


Acquired by Ebay in September 2013.

Domicile - Madrona Venture Group


Combining modern, fully-furnished premium apartments with services you get from leading hotels… all without paying more..

Acquired by National Corporate Housing in 2021.


A property management platform that provides an upfront rental guarantee to reduce risk for single family residence property owners.


Echodyne provides a radar vision platform that enables autonomous cars and drones to move safely on roads and in the sky.

Madrona Venture Group - Eclypsium


Eclypsium protects devices and supply chains by identifying, verifying, and fortifying firmware code throughout the enterprise.

Madrona Venture Group - Envisagenics


Envisagenics is an AI and big data powered platform focused on drug discovery for genetic diseases.


A full stack devops platform for dedicated edge Android devices.

Eventbase - Madrona Venture Group


Eventbase is the leading mobile app platform for premium events. Trusted by global brands to create event apps for their Tier 1 conferences, Eventbase’s clients include Microsoft, SAP, HP, Cisco, Salesforce, Cannes Lions and South By Southwest (SXSW).

Evocalize - Madrona Venture Group


A conversation platform which uses multiple sources of rich customer data to help brands have intelligent, personal conversations with each customer, and to help brands turn those conversations into revenue.

Extrahop - Madrona Venture Group


ExtraHop provides cloud-native network detection and response that helps you quickly investigate threats, deliver critical applications, and secure your investment in the cloud.

Acquired by Bain/Crosspoint in 2021.

Farecast - Madrona Venture Group

Farecast was the pioneer in using big data to predict price increases and decreases for airfare and other travel expenses.

Acquired by Microsoft in 2008.


A global, serverless database that gives ubiquitous, low latency access to application data.


On-demand warehousing and fulfillment for retail and CPG companies.

Give InKind

A social platform for coordinating community support in times of need.


Go1 delivers an onboarding, compliance and professional development platform for employee education and training.

HelloTech - Madrona Venture Group


HelloTech is changing the way consumers purchase and get support for new technology. Utilizing a background-checked, vetted on-demand workforce, HelloTech provides in home support and consultation for consumers looking to manage and upgrade the technology within their home.

Heptio - Madrona Venture Group


Founded by the creators of Google Compute Engine and Kubernetes, Heptio’s mission is to bring Kubernetes to enterprises to help accelerate software development, increase infrastructure efficiency and reduce the complexity of managing software at scale.

Acquired by VMWare in 2018.


Highspot is the industry’s most powerful sales engagement platform. Using Highspot, sales teams are connected to the most relevant content for each situation, have flexible ways to present content to customers, and gain real-time visibility into whether customers find the content engaging.

Icebrg - Madrona Venture Group


Next generation network security.

Acquired by Gigamon in 2018.

iConclude - Madrona Venture Group


iConclude was a software platform and preconfigured repair packs that empowered frontline IT staff to priortize and resolve data center problems.

Acquired by Opsware in 2007.

Igneous - Madrona Venture Group


As cloud infrastructure continues to change the enterprise landscape, Igneous is excited to bring a modern approach to the data center.

Acquired by Rubrik in 2020.

Impinj - Madrona Venture Group


Impinj is a leader in the RFID market, delivering item intelligence for a broad set of industries including retail and healthcare.

Impinj went public in July 2016 (NASDAQ: PI).

Indochino - Madrona Venture Group


The world’s premier online custom clothier, specializing in custom suits for men.

Integris - Madrona Venture Group


Integris, a data risk intelligence solution that enables companies to discover, classify and control how they use customer data.  This control enables companies to protect customer data and more easily comply with the complex set of privacy and consumer data regulations around the globe.

Acquired by OneTrust in 2020.

Intrepid Learning - Madrona Venture Group

Intrepid Learning

Blends the latest in learning science with really great technology to build powerful and efficient learning environments for enterprises.

Acquired by VitalSource Technologies in 2017.


ioPipe - Madrona Venture Group


Acquired by New Relic in 2019.

Isilon - Madrona Venture Group

Isilon Systems

Isilon pioneered clustered storage systems and software for digital content and unstructured data.

Acquired by EMC in 2010. - Madrona Venture Group measures TV advertising in real-time by automatically cataloging and tracking all nationally airing TV ads and measuring their earned digital impact across social, search and online video. Our proprietary platform is used by the world’s leading brands, networks and agencies to measure ad effectiveness and spend, analyze competitors and optimize media.

Jama Software - Madrona Venture Group

Jama Software

Jama is a cloud-based collaborative solution used by Global 1,000 companies to define, build and test products.


A medical software company developing a system for physical and cognitive rehabilitation. As a pioneer in tele-rehabilitation, Jintronix is leveraging new low-cost motion tracking technology to create customized rehabilitation regiments for clients to access at home and powerful remote monitoring and management tools for clinicians.

Jobalign - Madrona Venture Grou


A mobile-first, bilingual jobs marketplace that makes it easy for the more than 75 million hourly workers in the United States to find and apply for jobs from any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Acquired by OneTrust in 2020. - Madrona Venture Group’s mission is to provide Conversational Understanding as a Service.

Acquired by Baidu in 2017.

Madrona Venture Group - Knock


A company that is building a modern marketing cloud for the multifamily property market.

Lattice - Madrona Venture Group

Lattice Data

Lattice turns dark data such as text and images into actionable, analyzable structured data with human-caliber quality at machine scale.

Acquired by Apple in 2017.

Leaf Logistics

An intelligent software platform for the transportation industry.


A SaaS application of AI and NLP applied to managing the information buried in corporate contracts.

LumaTax - Madrona Venture Group


LumaTax’s mission is to alleviate the burdensome process of state and local tax compliance for the 20 million plus small and medium sized businesses across America.

M87 - Madrona Venture Group


Acquired by XCOM in 2019.


An intelligent application that is focused on post sales engagement with customers – providing a platform to consolidate customer interaction data, draw insight, create cross functional workflows to improve customer retention, expansion and adoption.

Matcherino - Madrona Venture Group


Matcherino is an eSports engagement platform. Matcherino gives eSports fans the ability to discover and fund matches they want to see and promotes streamers to new audiences.


MaxPoint provides a leading business intelligence and digital marketing solution that enables national brands to drive local, in-store sales.

Acquired by Valassis 2017.

MessageYes - Madrona Venture Group


MessageYes offers an ecommerce over mobile messaging solution for brands that personalizes the experience for their most important consumers, those they text with regularly.

Acquired by Nordstrom in 2018.

Mighty AI - Madrona Venture Group

Mighty AI

Mighty AI delivers the human insights artificial intelligence (AI) engines need to see, hear, talk and “think” like humans. Its Training Data as a Service™ platform helps companies get the accurate, high-quality data sets they need to train and scale their computer vision and natural language models.

Acquired by Uber in 2019.

Mixpo - Madrona Venture Group


Mixpo enables advertisers and publishers to build, deliver, and measure ad campaigns across display and social. Mixpo boosts the performance of social ad campaigns by connecting the channels, campaign components, and campaigns between themselves.

Acquired by Netsertive in 2017.


A big data analytics company that provides audience measurement data for mobile applications to publishers, ad networks, and agencies.

Mobilisafe-Madrona Venture Group


Mobilisafe provided a simple yet powerful solution for companies to understand and manage the risk of personal mobile devices coming to their corporate networks.

Acquired by Rapid7 in 2012.

Modulus Therapeutics

Modulus leverages machine learning in engineering next-generation immune cell therapies, starting with Natural Killer cells rationally designed for the treatment of solid tumors.



A multi-cloud management and governance company.

Moz - Madrona Venture Group


Moz provides analytics software to track all of a website’s inbound marketing efforts—search marketing, link building, social media, and brand mentions—on one platform.

Acquired by J2 Martech in 2020.

Nautilus Bio

A company working on how to bring true proteomics to the world in a way that accelerates therapeutic development, dramatically improves medical diagnostics, and makes personalized and predictive medicine a reality.

Observe Inc

An observability platform that enables finding issues faster, fixing them faster and at lower cost.


OctoML is democratizing access to efficient machine learning. From the creators of the Apache TVM project, it enables machine learning users to easily optimize ML models to run on any hardware of any size, from edge to cloud.


Opal is a collaboration platform for brand marketing teams.  Opal facilitates the production and orchestration of the brand marketing process, enabling the visualization, alignment and deployment of campaigns across all marketing channels.


Building automated productivity and communication tools that increase the speed of communication, and are powered by the artificial intelligence technology.


A next-generation clinical informatics company.


Ozette, a collaboration between the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, is cutting edge artificial intelligence-powered Immune Monitoring platform.


A curated marketplace connecting freelance finance professionals with mid-market and enterprise companies that are seeking quality subject matter experts for project-based work.

Payscale - Madrona Venture Group


A  market leader in global online compensation data. With the world’s largest database of individual employee compensation profiles, PayScale provides an immediate and precise snapshot of the job market.

Acquired by Warburg Pincus in 2014.

Peach - Madrona Venture Group


Local restaurants deliver lunch to your office via SMS text. Meals are always under $12 with delivery, tax, and tip included.


An AI/ML powered platform for companies and government organizations to detect and understand harmful narratives on social media platforms and elsewhere.

Performant - Madrona Venture Group


Performant provided software that allowed Fortune 500 companies to analyze and eliminate web-site performance bottlenecks.

Acquired by Mercury Interactive in 2003.

PhotoWorks - Madrona Venture Group


A direct-to-consumer Internet and mail order provider of film and image processing.

Acquired by Shutterfly in 2011.

Placed - Madrona Venture Group


Placed is the leader in location-driven insights and ad intelligence. Measuring billions of locations across the world’s largest opt-in mobile location panel. Placed provides the most comprehensive understanding of consumers’ offline behaviors.

Acquired by Snap in 2017.

Playfab - Madrona Venture Group


PlayFab offers the most complete backend and operations platform built exclusively for live games.

Acquired by Microsoft in 2018.


A modern collaboration and workflow automation platform for cybersecurity teams


A data platform that provides the easiest way to capture, see and share current data from any source without APIs or complex integrations.

Pluto - Madrona Venture Group


Developer of applications for people to communicate within virtual reality.

Pluto wants to give people that feeling of connection, no matter where they are.


Polly is a modern workflow measurement solution for collaboration platforms including Slack and Microsoft Teams. - Madrona Venture Group is a national technology-driven, licensed General Contractor that offers mobile-friendly quotes delivered in a fraction of the time it takes the average contractor, easy to understand digital invoices, and reliable project management – across small home improvement projects up to major renovations and new home construction.

Acquired by Opendoor in 2021.

Proof Diagnostics

A startup working to make powerful CRISPR-based molecular testing affordable and accessible to everyone.

Madrona Venture Group - Pulse Labs

Pulse Labs

Pulse Labs is a platform that helps brands design voice apps that real people can understand.


Pulumi is a platform for cloud software development. It is designed for developers and DevOps teams to build and manage cloud native software, from containers, serverless functions, APIs, to infrastructure, using one consistent approach.


Qumulo fundamentally changes how enterprises store and manage enormous numbers of digital assets. By creating the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS software, Qumulo enables customers to answer critical questions about their data footprint in real-time and at incredible scale.


Rainway enables gamers to play the games they own wherever they are by enabling streaming from your personal device to any other machine.


Read AI

An AI-driven real-time dashboard for virtual meetings.

Redfin - Madrona Venture Group


The industry’s first online brokerage for residential real estate combines technology and a consumer-centered business model, creating a better service than a traditional brokerage at a completely different price.

Redfin went public in July 2017 (NASDAQ: RDFN).


A next-generation database platform that combines the power of a relational database engine and a knowledge graph processing system. Its platform is fundamental to how next-generation data-driven intelligent applications will be built.  

Madrona Venture Group - Rigado


A secure edge-as-a-service system for commercial Internet of Things applications, including an edge module, a connectivity gateway and a software platform integrated with leading cloud providers. The company’s products are used for next generation retail, hospitality services, logistics/supply chain and building management systems.


An ecommerce solution for consumers to track everything they order in one place.

Rover - Madrona Venture Group


An online marketplace that connects dog owners with local dog sitters and real homes in hundreds of cities across the United States.

Madrona Venture Group - Saykara


Saykara provides an AI-powered, voice activated virtual scribe for physicians.

Acquired by Nuance in 2021.

Madrona Venture Group - SeekOut


Enterprise SaaS solution applying ML/AI to the problem of discovering and recruiting talent.

Seeq - Madrona Venture Group


Applies innovative big data technologies to add context and transform industrial process data from sensors, instrument systems, and other business data sources. Seeq’s tools and platforms ultimately provide faster, smarter insights that improve execution, drive down costs, and increase earnings.

Sharebuilder - Madrona Venture Goup


Sharebuilder was a provider of low-cost, online investment products and tools that help people build wealth over the long term.

Acquired by ING Direct in 2007.

Shippable - Madrona Venture Group


Acquired by JFrog in 2019.


Shyft serves the huge market of shift workers worldwide – from retail to food service and beyond. Using their mobile app, workers can easily trade and cover a shift.  It is a real time communication system that has been broadly embraced by users.


Sila provides banking and payments Infrastructure-as-a-Service for teams building the next generation of financial products and services.
Skytap- Madrona Venture Group


Skytap is a global cloud provider that accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with cloud-native development and services.

Smartsheet - Madrona Venture Group


Smartsheet is a leading cloud-based platform for work execution, enabling organizations to plan, capture, track, automate, and report on work at scale, resulting in more efficient processes and better business outcomes.

Smartsheet went public in April 2018 (NYSE: SMAR).

Madrona Venture Group - Snowflake


Snowflake is the first data warehouse built specifically to run in the cloud.

Snowflake went public in September 2020 (NYSE: SNOW).

Spice AI

Developer first platform for easily integrating AI into applications.


An open innovation platform for the infrastructure of travel to bring freedom and trust back to the industry.


Building a single source of truth to understand, prioritize and optimize software development.


Provides a real-time cloud-native approach that redefines budgeting as a collaborative and data-driven workflow and furthers the digital transformation of finance.

Strike Graph

Helps companies prepare for, complete and maintain their security certifications such as SOC 2, FedRAMP and ISO, via an intelligent application.

Style Genome

A fully scalable 100% personalization SAAS solution.

Aquired by Wayfair in 2021.

Suplari - Madrona Venture Group


Suplari applies AI-automated analytics and insights for procurement and finance teams.

Acquired by Microsoft in 2021.


On demand live coaching platform.


A cryptocurrency tax software for consumers, enterprises, and governments.

TeachStreet - Madrona Venture Group


TeachStreet helped lifelong learners find great classes and teachers, empowered teachers with robust online tools to manage their teaching businesses, and enabed schools to more effectively generate leads for their classes.

Acquired by Amazon in 2012.


An open source microservices orchestration engine for running mission critical code at any scale.


TerraClear imagines, designs, and builds solutions that control costs, automate crop production, and free farmers to focus on the high value aspects of farm production and management.


A biotechnology company propelling drug discovery into the information age.


Tesorio is the world’s first and only cash flow performance platform. It empowers CFOs and finance teams to boost profits by using artificial intelligence to better manage, predict, and collect cash.

Madrona Venture Group - The Riveter

The Riveter

Female forward workspace and community designed for business and impact.

This Life - Madrona Venture Group


A cloud solution for easily protecting, organizing and enjoying your photos/videos in a whole new way.

Acquired by Shutterfly in 2013.

Tier 3 - Madrona Venture Group

Tier 3

Acquired by CenturyLink Savvis in 2013.

Tigera - Madrona Venture Group


Tigera provides secure application network connectivity solution for cloud-native applications across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

Trade Coffee

The leading coffee marketplace connecting the best independent roasters to customers across the country.


A next-generation corporate travel meeting management platform.

Turi - Madrona Venture Group


Turi was an AI and Machine Learning platform.

Acquired by Apple in 2016.


TwinStrand Biosciences is a Seattle genomics company building a platform around Duplex Sequencing, a proprietary process that helps physicians, patients and drug researchers make life saving decisions faster based on DNA data.


UiPath’s platform enables the rapid design and deployment of software (ro)bots that emulate and execute time consuming and repetitive tasks that require the insight of a knowledge worker to complete.

UiPath went public in April 2021 (NYSE: PATH).

Madrona Venture Group - Unearth Labs


Unearth delivers a cloud-native collaboration and communication platform for building physical infrastructure from scratch or maintaining existing assets.

Union Bay Networks - Madrona Venture Group

Union Bay Networks

Union Bay Networks worked to change the way applications and data can be accessed across public and private cloud infrastructure.

Acquired by an undisclosed company in 2015.


Uplevel leverages machine learning and organizational science to help engineers and their managers be more effective.

VNDLY - Madrona Venture Group


VNDLY, a cloud-based workforce management system, was acquired by Workday (NASDAQ: WDAY) in November of 2021.


Voodle is a Seattle-based software startup that empowers teams to capture, share and discover rich business insights using short video.


The AI Observability company on a mission to build the interface between humans and AI applications. WhyLabs takes the pain out of model and data monitoring so that enterprises can spend less time firefighting, and more time building models.

Wicket Labs - Madrona Venture Group

Wicket Labs

Wicket Labs is a video analytics platform that provides customer insights into conversion, engagement and likelihood to churn across traditional and Over-the-Top channels.

Acquired by Brightcove in 2022.

WildTangent - Madrona Venture Group


The largest privately held online game network in the world, powering a complete, exclusive game service for leading US PC manufacturers as well as vertical sites and portals. Collectively, WildTangent reaches more than 20 million monthly gamers in the US and Europe with a catalog of more than 700 casual and enthusiast games.


Wonder Workshop - Madrona Venture Group

Wonder Workshop

A platform that makes programming fun and accessible for children while they play.

World Wide Packets - Madrona Venture Group

World Wide Packets

Designs high-performance Ethernet networking equipment and software that provide total solutions for broadband fiber deployments.

Acquired by Ciena in 2008.

Wrench - Madrona Venture Group


Wrench brings the mechanic to your car, making maintenance and repair easy and convenient. - Madrona Venture Group has pioneered a lightweight AI framework that enables deep learning, machine vision, and speech recognition to be done directly on resource constrained devices such as phones, embedded systems and Raspberry Pi Zero.

Acquired by Apple in 2020.

Yieldex - Madrona Venture Group


Acquired by AppNexus in 2015.


Developing an AI powered technology which provides feedback on your communication skills.

Z2 - Madrona Venture Group


Z2 creates original next-generation, free-to-play, social and multiplayer games for mobile devices.

Acquired by King Digital Entertainment in 2015.


Zeitworks is building a process mining SaaS product to automatically map, measure, and improve business processes across applications, without IT integrations, consultants, interviews, or workshops.


A scooter sharing service that features seated scooters.