Birkan Uzun – Our Friend

It is with incredible sorrow and heartbreak that we share the news that Birkan Uzun died December 31st, 2021 as a result of a skiing accident in Oregon.  Losing someone you care deeply about is always hard, but losing Birkan is truly tragic.  Birkan was part of the Madrona family, and while our time with him was too brief, we were privileged to share in his life.  He was incredibly curious, kind-hearted, and caring and shared that with everyone around him. His intelligence, work ethic and good nature all positively impacted our firm, our investment decisions, and the portfolio companies with whom we work.

He loved life and was adventurous at a level that most of us just dream of.  A few weeks ago, Birkan summited Mt. Vinson in Antarctica in his broader quest to climb the seven highest peaks across seven continents.  He dove fully into his many passions – including software programming and innovation, Turkish Cypriot culture, and mountaineering.

Our prayers and hearts are with Birkan’s family and loved ones.  We will miss his energy and passion around the halls of Madrona.