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How Do You Start a Venture Firm? Here’s Our Story

November 13, 2020

Last year (yes really!) and this year we had discussions with people who know Madrona well, founders, early team members, and people like Ed Lazowska & Hank Levy from the Allen School at the University of Washington, Steve Yentzer from DLA Piper, Paul Kwan from Morgan Stanley and a host of others.

We turned some of those conversations into this podcast which kicks off our 4th season of Founded and Funded.  The Madrona co-founders did not set out to create a venture firm – this podcast tells the story in their own words.  Tune in to hear Tom Alberg, Paul Goodrich, Matt McIlwain, Greg Gottesman and Jerry Grinstein talk about the early days, weathering the ups and, pretty significant, headwinds – “near death experience”  is a phrase that is used.  Thanks for listening and advance apologies for the uneven sound quality!

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