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Founded and Funded: The Whys and Hows of (Diverse) Team Building with Founder Justin Beals of Strike Graph

- Erika Shaffer

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S. Somasegar
February 16, 2021

(pictured, Vetri Vellore, founder and S. Somasegar)

Today we are excited to announce our investment in

Recently, we wrote about our core investment themes.  Specifically, our investment theme relating to is the Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace. is an integrated software system for improving business… READ MORE

February 16, 2021

We are excited to unveil our investment in Ozette Technologies today. Ozette resulted from the marriage of many years of science and software development work performed at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the AI tutorship of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)…. READ MORE

February 5, 2021

The path to building a company (and getting venture funding) can be varied and long and winding.  In the latest Founded and Funded we talk about two of the paths – Startup Studios and Accelerators.  They each offer different benefits.  Madrona investor, Elisa La Cava sat down with READ MORE

January 19, 2021

For our first Founded & Funded podcast  of the year and Season 4 opener, investor Chris Picardo sat down with co-founder and CEO of on the heels of their Series B fundraise, to talk about the incredible journey that the company has been on… READ MORE

January 11, 2021

Today, Madrona is happy to announce that Anu Sharma and Daniel Li have been named Partners. Partners at Madrona source and lead deals independently, create strong investment POVs on industry areas, and are leaders in the firm and the broader tech… READ MORE

December 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce the closing our Madrona Venture Fund 8 and Madrona Acceleration Fund 2.  The innovation here is staggering and these funds will go to work for founders and teams from the earliest stages through acceleration stage.  This is the largest raise in Seattle for technology… READ MORE

Hope Cochran and Daniel Li
December 17, 2020

Today we are excited to announce our investment in Rec Room, an online universe where people can play and create games with their friends.

We first met Nick Fajt and the founding Rec Room team in 2016 when they were working together at Microsoft. Since then, we have been… READ MORE

November 13, 2020

Last year (yes really!) and this year we had discussions with people who know Madrona well, founders, early team members, and people like Ed Lazowska & Hank Levy from the Allen School at the University of Washington, Steve Yentzer from DLA… READ MORE

November 13, 2020

Wow, this was not the 25th year we had envisioned. What this year has done is bring us together and has brought to the forefront how important community is for all of us – individually and as a venture firm. The essay below is an excerpt from a book… READ MORE

November 11, 2020

Natural Language Processing is having a major moment. NLP enables machines to analyze, understand and manipulate language. It is undergoing a rapid and transformational shift, powered by forms of deep learning.

Led largely by a new generation of pre-trained transformer models, innovators are unlocking NLP use-cases and entirely new applications… READ MORE