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Renton High School Comes to Madrona for DiscoverU Week

October 21, 2016

This week, Madrona, Apptio and Smartsheet each hosted classes of students from Renton High School and Lindbergh High School from the Renton School District.  This was part of Challenge Seattle’s support of DiscoverU – a week during which schools around Washington state focus on higher education and careers.  Tom Alberg spearheaded our participation and shared some thoughts on how to think about what a VC does and what you need to start a business.

Madrona’s Daniel Li devised a short version of startup weekend for the students and we plunged on in with the help of the Greater Foundation and many volunteers.  It was a great day that capped off a busy week at Madrona – this event followed both our CEO Summit and the annual UW Industrial Affiliates day.

We want to thank everyone who participated including Matt Bencke (Spare5), Dave Cotter (ReplyYes), Harmony Davis (Madrona Labs), Matt Terich (Madrona Labs), Taylor Soper (Geekwire) Andrew McGee (Greater Foundation), and Madrona employees, Lena Klassen, Bill Richter, Julie Sandler, Linda Lian, David Rosenthal, and Amy Corley.

We finished the afternoon inspired by the creativity and energy of the students and full of optimism about the next generation of students.

Below are the business ideas that the students developed, presented and explained:

Shark Tank Winner

Reliefinate – A place for teens to go to relax, hang out, work out or meditate when you are feeling low

Runners up

Trackify – Ever lost something? Trackify will help you find it  – Free and premium personal stylist services for teens

Move me – Moving is a pain but Move Me organizes all the hard part for you

Erryfast – Get your errands done by other people when you are too busy

Friendpop- Helps you find friends who have your interests

Photo credit: Greater Foundation  Pictured: students and Madrona Associate Linda Lian

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