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Statsig – Revolutionizing Product Development

AUTHOR: S. Somasegar | August 5, 2021

Scores of data tools capture historical product usage metrics but there is nothing in the market today that enables you to build for the future. Today, we are excited to announce our investment and partnership with Vijaye Raji and the Statsig team that promises to revolutionize product development.

I first met Vijaye when we worked together at Microsoft.  I fondly remember Vijaye being passionate about Small Basic, a programming language that he was working on as a hobby that was focused on making programming easier for beginners and school kids. What caught my attention was his love for innovation and building tools for developers. We stayed in touch on and off over the years when Vijaye went to Facebook to build many of the tech giant’s iconic services and lead the Seattle Office which is now more than 5,000 people.  When I heard that Vijaye was looking to leave FB to start his own company focused on building tools for software development teams, it was a no-brainer for me to want to participate in this journey with Vijaye and his team.

In less than six months, Vijaye has built one of the best teams in Seattle.

This group of ex-Facebook engineers is committed to the mission of empowering software engineers with the data they need to build products consumers love.  They are doing this by building powerful tools similar to what Facebook and other large companies have employed to build products used by millions.

Statsig brings together all information about your product, from the features you ship to how your user metrics are moving. This empowers every person in your product team to see a unified source of truth and assess how your product is performing. This means that your teams can now invest in features that truly matter to your users. The visibility that Statsig provides and the causality that it uncovers puts each member of your team in a position to change the course of your business trajectory.

Statsig is just getting started on establishing the gold standard for product development, holding product teams to the same bar that we hold sales and marketing teams today in terms of a high degree of correlation between cause and effect (investment and outcome).

On behalf of the Madrona team, I am very excited for us to be a part of the Statsig journey partnering with Vijaye and his team.

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