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Erika Shaffer-Madrona team
Erika Shaffer-team

“Be honest in life and work.”

Erika Shaffer

Director of Strategic Communications

Erika is Madrona’s Director of Strategic Communications. In this role she works with Madrona portfolio companies to amplify their most important initiatives and elevate their stories in the national, business and regional media.

Past lives

Erika has worked for over 20 years in the technology industry. Prior to coming to Madrona, she worked as an SVP with startups and mid-sized companies at the SutherlandGold Group, a tech and consumer communications firm based in San Francisco. She worked across a broad range of technology industries with founders to create and tell stories that resonate with media, influencers and consumers. Prior to SutherlandGold, Erika was Director of Communications at RealNetworks, where she helped guide communications around corporate shifts in strategy, consumer product launches and major industry initiatives. Erika started her career at Microsoft in the Investor Relations group, working with financial analysts.

Education and extracurricular

Erika holds a BA in History from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME and a Masters in Library & Information Science from the University of Washington. She is an avid backpacker and bicyclist.


My family and the entrepreneurs that come through Madrona’s doors every week with a goal of building something new and meaningful. I want to help them make that happen!