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Gerald Grinstein-Madrona Venture Group

“Start a company in the Pacific Northwest. Then you get to live here.”

Gerald Grinstein

Strategic Director

Gerald (Jerry) Grinstein returned to Madrona as a strategic director in late 2007 after a leave of absence serving as CEO of Delta Air Lines for almost four years. A co-founder of Madrona Investment Group, Jerry served on the board of portfolio company “Some of our most successful entrepreneurs are really inventors at heart. I think of Madrona not only as a source of capital but of business strength that takes an innovation and moves it into the marketplace.”

He is the former non-executive chairman of Agilent Technologies, and former chairman and CEO of Burlington Northern Inc. (BNI), where he oversaw the company’s acquisition of Santa Fe Pacific Corporation, which created the nation’s largest railroad. Prior to joining BNI, he held positions including chairman and CEO of Western Airlines, partner in the law firm Preston, Torgrimson, Ellis & Hollman, chief counsel to the United States Senate Commerce Committee, counsel to the Merchant Marine & Transportation Subcommittee, and Administrative Assistant to U.S. Senator Warren G. Magnuson.

Jerry is a Board member of the William D. Ruckelshaus Center and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

A Seattle native, Jerry is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School. When he is not at work, you may find him sneaking off to fly fish or trying a new restaurant.