Loren Alhadeff

Venture Partner

Loren Alhadeff

Loren Alhadeff

Venture Partner

Loren joined Madrona in 2023 following more than 14 years of leading the sales organization at DocuSign. At Madrona, he helps evaluate new investments and works closely with portfolio companies on go-to-market strategy, building sales teams, and cultivating field leadership. Loren is passionate about building organizations that enable the entire team to realize their potential — and have fun doing it.

Journey to Madrona

Loren joined DocuSign as the 17th employee and its first sales director. Fresh off seven years of rising through the ranks at Onvia, he dove in to help the fledging company convince customers that the complicated and time-consuming practice of document signing and management could be accomplished in moments in a digital-first world. During his time at DocuSign, the company expanded from a single product to multi-product, built deep vertical product and sales expertise, expanded from North America to EMEA, Latin America, and Asia, and along the way, changed the way the world manages business agreements. Under Loren’s leadership, sales grew from $2.5 million annual revenue to more than $2.5 billion.

Lessons learned:

  1. Always hire the best people, especially when they are better than you. The team with the best people wins.
  2. Plan big, bold, and long term. Small plans don’t stir the hearts, soul, and genius of a team.
  3. You are never too old or experienced to learn; look to constantly refine and take special note of the practitioners with meaningful experiences to draw from.

When he’s not in the office…

Loren loves to travel and enjoy the many outdoor activities the PNW has to offer, most specifically fishing, boating, and the occasional and sometimes frustrating round of golf. He, his wife, Joelle, and three children live in Seattle.


Loren is on the board of Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, one of the nation’s leading research and clinical treatment hospitals devoted to children regardless of need. He also serves on the board of the Bush School.


Loren on Madrona

"I've had a relationship with Madrona for many years prior to joining the team. I've always admired the quality, deep expertise, and thoughtfulness of the team. They have an instinctual and artful blend of maintaining a cutting-edge approach to investing while always putting their founders first. The community Madrona has built and fostered over the years is one I'm incredibly proud to be a part of."