Palak Goel


Palak Goel
"Madrona has been by our side since Yoodli was just an idea. Palak is the hardest-working investor I've ever met. Everyone at Yoodli thinks of Palak as one of our team leads — he spends hours each week helping us stay abreast of generative AI advancements, recruiting candidates, and serving as a sounding board for our GTM. He's the one person we call when things are tough. Palak has an uncanny ability to be candid and kind while pushing us personally and professionally."
— Varun Puri, Co-founder & CEO, Yoodli

Palak Goel


Palak joined Madrona in 2022. He focuses on sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities across Madrona’s investment themes and supports the growth and strategy of current portfolio companies. Palak is particularly interested in working with technical founders building AI/ML-powered applications, open-source projects, and cloud and data infrastructure.

Journey to Madrona

Before joining Madrona, Palak was as a product manager at Microsoft. He worked on a variety of products, including Outlook, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams, Windows, Visual Studio, and Bing. Most recently, Palak worked on Microsoft Turing, an initiative to build foundation models and productize them across the Microsoft product family.

Lessons learned

  1. Before starting a business, it is important to ask yourself why — Why us? Why this? And why now?
  2. Always have an asymmetric angle of attack. Double down on the things that make your product and company special.

When he’s not in the office…

Palak can be found on a squash or pickleball court (depending on the weather), listening to an audiobook, trying out a new recipe, or learning to ski.


Palak graduated from Brown University with a dual concentration in computer science and economics. At Brown, Palak captained the Varsity Squash team.


Palak on Madrona

"At Madrona, I am inspired every day by the brilliance, grit, and humility of the countless people we have the pleasure to meet. As a firm, we are fully committed to the success of every entrepreneur we partner with."