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Paul Goodrich-Madrona Venture Group
Paul Goodrich-Camping
Paul Goodrich-Opera

“More powerful than all the armies of the world, is an idea whose time has come.” -Victor Hugo

Paul Goodrich

Managing Director

Managing director Paul Goodrich believes in the power of ideas and he works hard to help entrepreneurs make something of them. “What interests me most about the start-up process is working with entrepreneurs possessed by an idea and helping them channel that idea into a huge commercial success.” This manifests in a strong focus on early hiring decisions, when each hire can have a huge effect (positive or negative) on the success of the enterprise. It comes through when listening to Paul talk about the challenges in making the correct judgment on when to be more or less “hands on” in the management of the start-up. “It’s a balancing act, but everything we do in this regard, we do to help the company get or remain on the right track.”

Past lives

Prior to co-founding Madrona Investment Group in 1995, Paul was a Partner at the Seattle law firm of Perkins Coie, a co-founder of William D. Ruckelshaus Associates and a general partner in the Environmental Venture Fund, a Chicago-based venture capital fund formed in 1987.

Separating signal from noise—the next opportunity

“The world is awash in data, and the tide is rising rapidly, helped by a flood of low cost, ever-smaller and more powerful sensors and other connected devices (IoT) that are measuring things that never before have been quantified. Whether under the banner of Big Data, Predictive Analytics, ML/AI, Data Visualization or other popular descriptors, there is huge opportunity for the next generation of software companies to separate the “signal” from the “noise”; to extract the insights from the oceans of data that envelop us.”


Paul is on the board of the Seattle Opera and enjoys hiking all over the world, kayaking, running, and mountain biking. His is also a self-professed chocoholic and an “avid but mediocre Texas Hold’em player.”


Paul is a graduate of Amherst College and the University of Utah Law School.