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Rachel Flink

Executive Assistant

Rachel joined the Madrona team in 2015 and supports John Carpenter, Troy Cichos, Patrick Ennis and S. Somasegar.  Rachel also takes an active role in organizing Madrona’s industry conferences.

Past Lives

Prior to joining Madrona, Rachel graduated from Highline College and began working alongside and supporting the founder of a Seattle startup. After working with the startup’s leadership team for five years, Rachel was ready for her next chapter and found her way to Madrona.


In the time she spends outside of Madrona, Rachel loves an evening out with her husband and their friends. And as much as she enjoys a weekend with the girls, she equally craves a weekend working in her yard, ordering takeout, and binging the latest HBO series.

Love for the PNW

For Rachel, Washington has always been home. With a few exceptions, her family and friends are local. She appreciates all the beauty the PNW has to offer and the fact that her people are never too far away.