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Shannon Anderson

Director of Talent

Shannon is Madrona’s Director of Talent. In this role Shannon is the center of the Madrona talent network, identifying rising stars for Madrona’s portfolio companies and the Pacific NW startup ecosystem. She is also the strategic HR partner to portfolio companies and shares her talent perspective with the firm on Madrona investments.

Past Lives

Shannon has been a hands-on recruiter working with companies at all stages, starting in the “go-go” days of Microsoft in the 1990s where she helped grow the company from 8,000 to 40,000 employees. Prior to joining Madrona in 2018, Shannon was a principal at Recruiting Toolbox working with startups to growth stage technology companies to not only recruit but also teach internal HR functions how to successfully run their own programs in ways that led to lasting growth. Shannon started in venture early as the talent partner brought on by Ignition Partners at the inception of the firm in 2000. While there and through her own business, Velocity Search Partners, she worked with a wide range of companies and executives, recruiting top talent. She has made her mark on many global companies based or with extensive offices here in the greater Seattle region including Amazon, Google, Docusign, Spaceflight, Apptio, Ai2 and INRIX.

Education and Extracurricular

Shannon holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Jose State University. Shannon is also a frequent speaker and entertaining blogger on all topics of recruiting, HR, and talent.


I wake up early every day to build companies whose people and values align with solving well understood customer problems. I love to teach, coach, and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs, CEOs, HR and Talent Leaders. I freely share my knowledge, expertise and point of view with anyone who asks. I strive to be a great role model for my two courageous daughters and I fight for and with other hard working people from all walks of life who are committed to creating opportunities for themselves and others. My devoted husband of 30 years keeps me grounded, fed and watered, and my Bikram yoga practice keeps me in balance.