Terry Myerson

Strategic Director

Terry Myerson

Terry Myerson

Strategic Director

Terry is CEO of Truveta, a growing collective of more than 30 health systems that provide more than 17% of the daily clinical care across the United States, with a shared mission of Saving Lives with Data. Truveta is a leader in EHR data and analytics to improve patient care, accelerate R&D, and inform public policy.

Prior to Truveta, Terry was a venture partner with Madrona for two years, during which time he led the investment in TwinStrand and advised Madrona portfolio companies.

Journey to Madrona

Prior to joining Madrona, Terry served as Microsoft’s executive vice president of Windows and Devices. He was a member of the senior leadership team at Microsoft, leading the development of Windows, Surface, and Xbox. During his 21-year career at Microsoft, Terry also led the development of Microsoft Exchange. During that time, it became the world’s most popular business communications system and the foundation for today’s Office 365.

Earlier in his career, Terry co-founded Intersé, one of the first web software companies, which Microsoft acquired in 1997.

Lessons learned

When I left Microsoft, I reflected on My career there and wrote a blog, which includes many lessons learned. Looking back now, it’s still worth a read!

When he’s not in the office…

He’s usually at home working on Truveta – because the company has flexible work culture.


Terry lives in the Seattle area with my family. He serves the board of the Seattle Sounders, which is dedicated to creating moments, enriching lives, and unifying the Seattle community through soccer. He graduated from Duke University and is now a member of the Duke Engineering Board of Visitors.

Current Investments

Terry on Madrona

“I love Madrona’s focus on the Seattle community. Inspiring entrepreneurship amongst us will improve the lives of everyone.”