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Founded and Funded – Madrona’s Podcast about Startup Life

AUTHOR: Erika Shaffer | August 4, 2019

Today we are launching a podcast.  We looked around at the offerings for startups in Seattle and felt there was room for experienced entrepreneurs to share their moments of truth – where they made mistakes and figured it out, a turning point in the business, their “ah ha” moment, or just what got them through.  And to tell some great stories along the way.    We have entrepreneurs of all kinds in and out of our doors every day and every one of them has an interesting story.  We hope to share some of them here.

In each episode, someone from the Madrona team will sit down for a discussion with one of these entrepreneurs.  We hope you get to know the broader team here through some of these discussions – from investors to HR and recruiters to Biz dev and Comms pros.  In the first season you will hear from Managing Director Hope Cochran who used her pursuit of opera early in her career to help her manage a room full of businessmen, and Venture Partner, Mark Britton on what he learned building Avvo into a leader in the field.  Others in the first season are Oliver Sharp, founder of HighSpot who advocates that customer success is not just a department at a company, it’s everyone’s number one goal, and Elissa Fink who talks about how building a BtB brand that resonates with customers is just as important as a BtoC brand.

We worked with Larj Media to get going and they were great Mentors – thanks Tina and Joelle!

Here is the teaser to give you an idea of what to expect. We will be putting the podcast in all the usual places, ITunes, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud etc – if there is somewhere you want it and can’t find it let us know at

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