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Revenue Operations: Taking Revenue Instrumentation to the Next Level

AUTHOR: Steve Singh | March 4, 2021

In every role I’ve ever had, I’ve always wanted the ability to understand my business as it happens. I want to know what’s happening in product development, what features my customers are using, how employee satisfaction is changing, what is happening on the revenue front – all at the moment I want to know it.

This is what it means to instrument your business: to have complete visibility into every part of the company in real-time, so you can act on it, in real-time.

Companies that are agile and fast moving always have an advantage over their competitors. Operating in real-time is a super-power. You can plan and run your business with more speed and accuracy than the competition. Operating in real-time gives you and your team confidence in the decisions you are making and your ability to adjust those decisions based on real-time information. Of course, it requires high quality, real-time data that can be used in a collaborative model. In the area of revenue operations, it means knowing exactly which deals will close and when they will close.

Instrumenting your business, gives strategic planning a level of certainty you wouldn’t normally have.

Years ago this wouldn’t have been possible. But today, I’m excited to announce our participation in Clari’s $150 million Series E, giving Clari the resources to take that real-time revenue confidence into every business.

Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform allows companies to attain transparency and accountability at scale, taking revenue instrumentation to the next level. We already see this with our Madrona portfolio companies today, like Qumulo, Highspot, and UiPath.

In the boardroom, we don’t use slide decks anymore. We open up Clari.

I don’t need to talk to the CRO or CEO to know where they’re going to land because I’m in their company’s Clari instance, and I can see exactly what is going to happen for the quarter in every corner of the revenue team: the forecast, pipeline coverage, renewals, upsells and cross-sells.

And I’m not the only one who has this level of visibility. It’s every revenue team member who is accountable for their territory, their number, their book of business.

Clari doesn’t just instrument your business for real-time insights, it allows every part of the organization to have appropriate access in order to take the actions they need to execute for success at scale.

The knowledge transfer that typically has to happen from the boardroom to the executive team to sales leaders to the front line can happen instantly across the entire revenue organization with Clari. This type of transparency and collaboration is the accelerator that drives a level of efficiency and speed that most companies aren’t able to achieve. It is a competitive advantage.

This is revenue operations—the end-to-end business process of driving predictable revenue, across marketing, sales, renewals, and expansion through transparency and execution rigor—and it’s here to stay. We’re grateful to Clari for leading the revenue operations movement.

We’d like to welcome Silver Lake and B Capital Group as the latest Clari investors. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the team with you at Clari.

If you are a driven entrepreneur with a passion to solve major pain-points in the enterprise software or cloud infrastructure sectors, and if I can be of help, I am always reachable at

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