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Birkan Uzun


Birkan joined Madrona in 2021. He focuses on sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities across Madrona’s investment themes, as well as working with portfolio companies to develop strategies for growth and success. Birkan is particularly interested in software infrastructure, intelligent applications, and the intersection of machine learning and life sciences.

Past Lives

Prior to joining Madrona, Birkan was a Software Engineer at Amazon where he worked on a variety of domains such as devices, mobile applications, cloud services, and machine learning. Birkan has experience throughout the entire product cycle, from prototyping to development and into delivering for general availability, as he helped launch four products at Amazon: Amazon Go, Alexa for Business in AWS, Amazon Halo, and Amazon’s COVID-19 Response.

During his last year at Amazon, Birkan was also a Venture Fellow at Castor Ventures, part of the Alumni Ventures Group.


Outside of work, Birkan likes to travel and participate in endurance sports. While he is on a quest to become the first Cypriot to climb the Seven Summits, he enjoys the mountaineering, skiing, and hiking the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


Birkan received his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Engineering degrees in Computer Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction.