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Most of the Wrench Founding Team

Why We Invested in Wrench

AUTHOR: Len Jordan

I am incredibly excited to be working with Ed and his team at Wrench and today we are announcing an investment in their Series Seed fundraise.  I have known Ed for awhile and we started talking early about his vision and conviction for changing a big market – auto repair.

When I was a kid my dad and many other parents could fix cars.  Changing the oil, replacing air/oil filters, fan belts, spark plugs and other things were commonly done by car owners.  Somewhere over the last 40 years cars got harder to fix or people became more nervous about dealing with their cars.

Len Jordan-Madrona-Venture Capital SeattleThere are more than 120 million cars on the road that are three years or older and the repairs on those vehicles run to $57 billion annually.  I personally have a couple of these in my household and believe the day Ed and I first talked about his plan to deliver car repair to consumers I had spent too many frustrating hours at the repair shop.  Wrench delivers the service to you – where your car is.  A bunch of folks at Madrona and in our network used the service and loved it.  Those were not singular experiences – they have happy customers all over the city.

Ed and his experienced team who worked together at Talentwise and Intelius have come together to tackle an ambitious plan to disrupt a market that hasn’t changed in decades.  Wrench takes a brick and mortar industry and leverages mobile, cloud, advanced analytics and supply chain efficiencies to bring a service to market that resonates with anyone who owns an older car. As an investor the Wrench team has what we look for in early stage funding – a great team, a big idea, and a big market.

I am happy to be along for the ride and support this team!

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